Three Republicans! Working with Trump! These campaign mailings went to Republicans in the 2017 campaign for the LACCD --

My opponent, Buelna, the 'on-line professor' of Chicano Studies, attended campaign events as a 'Democrat,' then sent out mailings identifying himself as an ally of that criminal Donald Trump.

The Administration and Faculty spent one million dollars to on the campaign to elect him. One million dollars.

Why? One million dollars to put a part-time professor of Chicano Studies into $24,000-a-year position as a part-time Trustee? Why?

Why one million dollars?

The Board of Trustees votes on their contracts of the Faculty, Administration, and Staff -- salaries, benefits, all of it. Invest in your local politico.

They want higher salaries, more benefits, fewer classes, no oversight of academic rigor, no expectations of innovation -- the tenured, retired-in-place faculty want their contracts rubber-stamped without questions.

And they want no changes in the salaries and benefits of the part-time adjuncts who actually teach more than 70% of the classes. The State of California funds the colleges based on enrollment, the part-timers work the courses for wages and no health care or retirement, and the faculty and administration get the high pay, full benefits, generous retirements. They even get an $1,800 medical debit card for 'other medical expenses.' Such as their dog or cat or parakeet.

Buelna will vote as they tell him -- or he's a part-time 'online professor' again.

In only the first six months of this year on the Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees, Buelna exploited the position to gather campaign contributions from contractors, unions, consultants, public relations --

Jacobs / oversees all construction on colleges --- $10,000

Cordoba, Inc. / construction ------------------------ $5,000

Pacific Services / internet consulting -------------- $5,000

UA Local #250 / air-conditioning ------------------- $2,500

Operating Engineers --------------------------------- $1,500

CRCD Enterprise / construction --------------------- $1,000

Rodolfo Ruiz / attorney ------------------------------ $1,000

Rick Taylor / consultant ----------------------------- $1,000

Upward Solutions / public relations ---------------- $1,000

These are only the companies and individuals who contributed the most to the political future of the part-time Trustee Buelna.

The list does not include many companies and other individuals who contributed smaller amounts. So far, in total, six months, $33,7000.

And he did receive money from his good friend, Kevin De Leon.

And the six month total does not include the money the tenured faculty and the administration will dump on Buelna. One million dollars, as in 2017?

You have a choice:

Support an incumbent who uses his position to accumulate funding to advance his political career.


Support me, Robert Payne, and vote for an independent voice not corrupted by the faculty political regime.

I have world experience. I know what confronts students. I will not use the position to get a ticket to Sacramento. I will work only for the students, the innovative faculty, and staff, the District, and the community.