What will I do for students?

Test for Learning Modalities

A central failure of the colleges: the guidance counselors do not test for learning modalities.

I will advocate the testing of students -- young and older -- for LEARNING MODALITIES.

Can I order the testing? No.

Trustees cannot order any policy. They talk. They offer 'resolutions.' The incumbents pose for photos at construction sites. And they cash checks from the construction companies and consultants.

However, Trustees vote on salaries and benefits. If the Faculty and Administrators will not act in the interest of students, I will not vote for their salaries.

Beyond that, as Trustee, I will interview students and outside specialists of the value of learning modalities. Those interviews will go to the media -- and the State of California Department of Education, which reviews the accredidation of the Los Angeles Community College District. If the State of California withdraws accrediation, the State will not fund the colleges. No more paychecks.


I had an opportunity to speak on Los Angeles radio. Rather than recite my two-minute speech, I sketched these notes on learning modalities--

As Trustee, I will propose all students

to be tested for learning modalities.

All students. Students straight from high school.

And working professionals returning for new skills.

Does a student learn best by:

Listening? Reading? Memorizing? Writing? Physical motion?

Those are learning modalities.

I learned of modalities

in post graduate special education classes.

And what surprised me,

I recognized myself in the studies of difficult learning.

In grade school,

I had extreme difficulties memorizing

answers for the standard in-class tests.

Spelling, dates in history, names from history.

I could read, I could write, but I could not memorize.

I never scored higher than a C on testing

Not until my 3rd year of university did I excel.

I continued struggling with other languages —

until I learned to read and write the languages.

In my study and use of languages,

I learned that I learned by repetition.

I listened, I wrote, I spoke, I memorized.

If I had known that when I started grade school

I could have won scholarships.

If I had known that when I started college

I could have won scholarships.

I applied this knowledge to my own children.

They received scholarships to top universities

And now, as working professionals,

they enjoy high salaries and personal success.

So, for new students entering community colleges,

testing for modalities would be late

but they would have a chance to achieve

their full potential.